Canadian Institute For Advanced Education(CIFAE) is a Bangladesh Government licensed Institute, with the approval of the board's affiliation committee and the approval of the Chairman of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) for Advanced Education offering Diploma, Certificate and Crash courses in Ultrasound and many other Academic and Technical fields. Canadian Institute for Advanced Education (CIFAE) is an unique educational system. We have pride in excellence and a stimulating learning environment that prepares students to lead full and purposeful lives to assume leadership roles in their perspective fields. We have been helping our students fulfill their dreams to become true with the theme of "Less price, Best service". And it works. A dynamic and rewarding environment waits for you at Canadian Institute for Advanced Education. The opportunity to transform your life and realize your potential is just a decision away. Now is the time. CIFAE offering a special discount for students who will enrol by November 30, 2018. So don't miss this opportunity. Our courses will start on December 7th, 2018.

Our Mission is to facilitate Eligible Medical Graduates and Allied Health Professionals to become an expert as North American Standard Sonologists and to pass the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) and CRGS by Sonography Canada  and theory exams and scan tests to become fully qualified by the American and Canadian Sonography regulatory bodies who will be practice ready to enter into the very dignified, competitive and high payable Canadian and USA Sonography job market as well as anywhere in the World. Our project has been taken with the purpose of adding some extra strength and enhancement to their current knowledge and expertise, not to negate them rather to make them confident and competent with wide range of skill sets to deliver complete but quality care.

Our Object is to complement rather than compete with the institutes providing similar type of trainings as ours.

In Bangladesh there are hundreds of Institutes or Colleges have been providing similar type of services but a lot of them are lacking of many high end necessary programs; even if some of the Institutes or Colleges who have been trying to conduct the programs are delivering more theories than to get practical  experience. In Bangladesh we have very limited qualified Sonologists against of more than 160 millions of population. There are handful of entry level Sonologists with some short courses but to deliver a complete package ultrasound with quality services they need to upgrade their expertise so that the poor and underprivileged patients of our country do not get insufficient or poor services. Good patient care, quality service delivery and diagnosing the diseases with proper referral for better management  and finally having the proper treatment are the rights of our patients. They are paying from out of their own pocket only to save their lives, not because that the doctors are sitting their only to practice. Even if with no charge, they have the right to get quality service because it is a concern of life and death, not playable at all. So we need more qualified doctors than numbers or quantity.

Our goal is to deliver quality education and practical oriented training in various fields of Ultrasound, Public Health and Research Methodologies, various types of high end North American Standard Project Evaluation and Management strategies which will be a great tool for the large and medium sized government and nongovernmental organizations to measure the outcomes of the services being provided.

North American Standard

Medical graduates and Allied Health Professionals have been trying years and years to pursue their own careers but not even 1% getting through due to the very competitive and regulated Canadian educational system. Most of the international professionals are not trained as Canadian standard hence they need to retrain which costs a lot, pretty much time consuming too. Due to many barriers and hurdles to enter into their own fields a good number of highly educated and qualified internationally trained professionals especially the Medical Graduates and Allied Health professionals get lost. Many of them get tired of trying as they need to take care of their families and themselves; in the long run they give up. Canadian Institute for Advanced Education is here to train those potential candidates in need. We value our students and respect their qualifications. Law is respected and we train our students according to Canadian and other North American standard to achieve quality education and practical experience to

Every year thousands of candidates apply for a quality training and education in demand but due to limited seat capacity only a few number of candidates get admitted. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are in the thousands and are unable to fit in the medical system, as well as Allied Health Professionals who will not be absorbed in the health industry right away, can get training at Canadian Institute for Advanced Education in ultrasound and other health related fields especially designed for them. We have alternative and Parallel way to train the Radiologist, sonologist, and Allied Health Professionals to prepare and write the ARDMS and Sonography Canada exams to be registered with.

This is an alternative and easier short-cut way for the Medical Graduate and Allied Health Professionals which is crucial to be registered with the licensing authority with similar quality and potential to a highly demandable current job market.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Education is the best example of a diversification model.

There are thousands of Medical Graduates and Allied Health Professionals waiting for their licenses. Meanwhile they become derailed from the main stream to survive. This course is available to them in a short time basis to get the registration from ARDMS & Sonography Canada (CRGS) as a requirement to get a job in Canada/ USA and this highly demandable and acceptable world market of Diagnostic Imaging would be the best opportunity ever to earn a handsome salary ($100k/year or more) while holding their dignity and skill with great honor.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Education offers a wide range of Diploma and Certificate courses/ programs here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Canadian Institute for Advanced Education officially launched at the beginning of 2018. Dr. Gulshan, Founder & Managing Director of Canadian Institute for Advanced Education says, “We started with a question what if we could take education to people where they are it, instead of expecting them to come to us”?

Canadian Institute for Advanced Education has always had discipleship and leadership as its genetics. Pathway is another step in pursuing that passion. We believe leadership is best developed as they practice leadership. Pathways take that idea to a new level, pathways motto is Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

If education is thought to be a business investment then invest to become a student at Canadian Institute for Advanced Education. Working in the North American health care field will create direct interaction and vast knowledge about the health environment, patient care, safety, ethics and protocols as well as you will make a good rapport with your peers, supervisors, physicians and specialists which will be more than helpful to pursue and move forward.

Our programs are specifically designed to provide you with knowledge and skills. You will need to thrive in todays job market. We have proven track record of preparing students with skillsets that apply directly to many of today's most in demand jobs.

We offer solid market –driven programs that focus on helping our students develop the skills that are in demand right now by the leading employers in the different industries. 

CIFAE offering a special discount for students who will enrol by June 15/2018. So don't miss this opportunity. Our courses will start on December7th, 2018.