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Engr. A K M Jahidul Alam (Jahid) Founder & Director of Foreign Affairs, Canadian Institute for Advanced Education
Engr. A K M Jahidul Alam (Jahid) a Bangladeshi born Canadian Citizen. He is a Professional Marine Engineer. He worked on board ship as a Marine Engineer Officer for more than 15 years in different renowned shipping companies in the world. He used to work Chemical tanker, Oil tanker, Car carrier, General cargo, Bulk carrier etc. During his service period he had visited more than one hundred countries around the world. He wanted to visit the world, it  was his dream since his childhood and that dream came true when he joined his challenging profession. He achieved his Certificate of Competency from Hong-Kong, His career started with Tokyo Marine Japan then V- ships, Honk Kong management, Unix line, Read sea, IRISL, Barbar Wallem, British and German company etc. He migrated to Canada with his family as a skilled worker Permanent Resident. Now he has been living in Canada with his family as a Canadian Citizen. He changed his career from Marine profession to shore base job. He studied and achieved a Graduation Certificate in Network Administrator (IT), he also achieved many professional certificates and courses from Canada.  In Canada his career started in Oil & Gas company. He worked for many renowned Oil & Gas companies like Halliburton, Weatherford, Hunting Energy, National Oil Varco etc. He also worked for many manufacturing companies here in Canada like OEM Remanufacturing, Luxfer Gas Cylinder etc. He is involved with many social activities. He always prefers to serve the community. He has been servicing as a Secretary of Calgary Bangladesh Lions Club (CBLC) and he is an active member of Calgary Social Capital Society (CSCS) Canada. Also he has been servicing as a Commissioner for Oaths in and for Alberta, Canada. He is a Founder and Program Director of Peerless Training Institute (PTI) Calgary, Canada which is a Govt. Accredited Private Career College, General Secretary of Gulshan-Jahid Health Development Foundation (GJHDF), Bangladesh which is Certified by the Joint Stock Company of Bangladesh Government, GJHDF is chaired by Dr. Gulshan Ara Akter  has been working towards the improvement of health and education for underprivileged population in different divisions of Bangladesh since 2003. Engr. Jahid is very proud to be a Founder & Director of Foreign Affairs (CIFAE) of Canadian Institute for Advanced Education which is Govt. of Bangladesh Accredited Training Institute, with the approval of the board's affiliation committee and the approval of the Chairman of the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).

our vision is to be one of the best quality training institutes in Bangladesh. Education is a two way process where students learn in terms of quality. We at Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE) faculty of Ultrasound, Medical Science, Public Health, and Research Methodology are committed to offer higher degree of practical oriented knowledge to our students and will inculcate the best of academic sense which will enable to the success of our highly educated students in every walk of life. We have developed our study curricula which respond to the academic needs of the students and will be of immensely help at the workplace.

We are committed to provide best teaching and best knowledge to our students.

Our mission to deliver the best possible educational knowledge, practical experience for our students. We are trying to increase the overall professional development by quality training and education to be a part and parcel to increase the professional development and quality manpower to help our society and around the world.

We are committed to providing ongoing training, education and professional development programs. Each training will give you a snap short of how each of our disciplines and departments contributes to the institute, who we educate, what the education experience includes, and our performance as educators.

The success of Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE) will not be possible without you. We have better facilities with which to run our institute but most importantly we can provide our students with a better overall environment to get study done.

 I would like to restate and promise on behalf of all the faculty of Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE)  that it is our goal to understand the priorities and needs of our students firstly and then to provide you with high quality service. We will use this new environment to prove to you that we are up to this task and strive to continue to merit your trust. We believe that with your continued support, we can and will create a prosperous tomorrow!

Finally, I express my special thanks and gratitude to our Founder Managing Director and my wife Dr.Gulshan Ara Akter and our Director of Admin and Logistics Dr. Kazi Shafiqul Halim Zimmu for taking this exceptionally brave and outstanding initiative!