A. Canadian Standard Protocols for
1. Complete Abdomen
2. Male/Female Pelvis
3. TVS/EVS and Trans-labial Ultrasound
4. Trans- rectal Ultrasound for prostate ca and BPH
5. Thyroid
6. Soft tissues (lumps/bumps/ muscle tears, hematoma etc.)
7. Scrotum
8. Appendix and
9. Male female KUB

B. All trimesters of Canadian standards OBS Ultrasounds
1. First trimester screening to rule out down
Syndrome (Nuchal Translucency and Nasal Bone Scanning)
2. Fetal anomaly screening
3. Fetal echo
4. 3D/4D Ultrasound with Stix of Heart to rule out
Fetal Cardiac diseases.
5. Fetal Biophysical profile and referral for non-stress test

C. Breast Cancer screening

D. Infertility work up

E. Hysterosalpingography

F. Orbits for foreign bodies.

G. Hernias
1. Inguinal direct/indirect
2. Ventral
3. Diastasis recti
4. Spigelian hernia
5. Rictus sheath hematoma/lipoma/lymphadenitis
6. Abdominal wall
7. Umbilical and periumbilical hernias
8. Abscess
9. Incisional hernia
10. Epidermal and inclusion cysts

H. Vascular
1. Upper extremity DVT
2. Lower extremity DVT
3. Carotid Doppler
4. Upper extremity Arterials
5. Lower extremity Arterials
6. Renal artery stenosis for HTN
8. Portal HTN
9. To rule out Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

1. Liver fibro scan
2. Liver elastography
3. Breast electrography

J. Ultrasound guided random and biopsy procedures (Interventional Ultrasound Procedure)
a. Breast
b. Thyroid
c. Lymphnodes
d. Breast and Baker cysts aspiration

K. Ultrasound guided pain management and cortisone shots.

L. Musculoskeletal
1. Any sorts of Sports injury
2. Shoulder
3. Elbow
4. Wrist
5. Hand
6. Adult hips
7. Knee joints
8. Ankles
9. Foot
10. Planter fasciitis
11. Morton neuroma
12. Foreign bodies
13. Achilles’ tendon tear.

M. Pediatric
1. Neonatal Hip for DDH
2. Neonatal Spine for Spina Bifida
3. Neonatal head/ brain for brain hemorrhage/ tumours, ventriculomegaly
4. Neonatal KUB for hydro nephrosis, UVR.
5. Pyloric stenosis, volvulus