Canadian Institute For Advanced Education (CIFAE) is fully customized to provide various examination preparatory courses and Hands-On-Training for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Allied Health Professionals eligible to be registered with different government authorities in Canada and USA. CIFAE is located in the main city area inside a large business centre with ample parkings, calm and quite for better educational environment. It is on main road side to be very easy to commute from different city locations.

Our main strength is that the training centre is running by a competent well experienced medical sonographer actively registered with Sonography Canada and American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) who has vast knowledge of Canadian and American health enviroment and updated ultrasound techinical protocols of both Canadian and USA standard. The Instructor is an international medical graduate who has her speciality and subspeciality in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound in various fields and in Public Health for Reproductive and Child Health(MPH) and has been in the field of diagnostic medical imaging for more than 15 years. She certainly has a huge experience and extreme potential to deliver and train the would be sonographers to be very competent in the highly demandable diagnostic imaging job market.

We are very special in terms of our kind of training centre as this is the only private Institute who is providing a diversified parallel short way for the IMGs and eligible Allied Health Professionals to be registered with ARMDS in a lateral way by passing the two years or more full time medical sonography course to be readily available to work as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer here in Canada, USA and Worldwide. ARDMS is the main licensing authority and credentialing with ARDMS is very competitive, demandable and internationally acceptable and certainly would be the best opportunity ever for the international medical graduates to enter the North American and World's best health environment to earn a handsome salary, good experience about the health sector while holding their dignity and skill with great honour.This is a great opportunity for the IMGs and Allied Health Professionals to get to know their peers, doctors and radiologists and making strong references to be licentiate with Canadian and American medical bodies for the main stream.

If education is thought to be a business of investing money, time, passion, patience and intelligence than investing in diagnostic imaging field to become a registered diagnostic medical sonographer would be an APPRECIATION ASSEST as job availibility in diagnostic imaging is more than hundred percent with escalating manner and direct interaction with the health environment would create vital references. Versus if a person works somewhere with no relation to the health environment will invest everything in a manner of DEPRECIATION ASSET which is totally useless in terms of good earning and a good reference for his or her future goal to be registered in North American medical system.