Dr. Mostaufi MD

( Radiology) Iran, ARDMS (Registered Sonographer), Sonography Canada (appeared)

I would like to express my feeling about CIFAE. I am very happy for having the opportunity to take ultrasound course at Peerless Training Institute, Calgary, AB, Canada. I believe CIFAE is an unique training institute in Bangladesh but also the best training institute for the students who can serve the worldwide. As because Dr. Gulshan is going to train them. She is the best Ultrasound Trainer & She is an expert in Ultrasound. It would be great for CIFAE and their students. I was really lucky for knowing about Peerless Training Institute in Calgary, AB, Canada. As an IMG, I was interested in working as a medical sonographer but I found it difficult without having Canadian training. So, I started trying to look for any opportunity to learn the Canadian ultrasound protocols in order to be ready for ARDMS; Sonography Canada Skill Exam and job assessment interviews. I took for six months course here at PTI but I was given more than enough time to practice a lot on Canadian protocols. I also learned more than enough about MSK and Vascular ultrasound. I have passed my all licencing exams after the training; achieved ARDMS(Registered Sonographer). Now I am working in Canada as a Medical Sonographer; I have a very decent stable high paid full time permanent job with dignity; extraordinary employment benefits to maintain my family in a strong way. I am very proud. Just a short time after finishing the course and the exams. I would like to appreciate Dr. Gulshan (Chair & CEO at Peerless Training Institute) who taught and guided me to be more competent and confident in my performance. I absolutely recommend Canadian Institute for Advanced Education for Doctors, Radiologist, Sonologist who want to work as a medical sonographer in Canada / U.S.A or all over the world CIFAE providing many courses for Doctors, Radiologists & Sonologists to become ready for ARDMS and Sonography Canada exams and gives them skills to work as a medical sonographer in Canada and around the world. I wish a great success for both CIFAE and its students!